August 2011

Is the PC dead? No. But someone would like to murder it.

Many "news" about the imminent death of PC are appearing around despite its 30th birthday, replaced by smartphones and tablets. What's true in that? Let's look for a moment at the past history, and the personal computer revolutions. Before that there was centralized systems from which you could rent some processing time and highly proprietary systems using software paid yearly  (clouds, anyone?), and consumer electronics were made by highly specialized devices that could usually only consume proprietary contents.

FireMonkey, or another failure monkey?

It's now confirmed and made public that FireMonkey (let aside its ill-fated name, for now) will be the Delphi cross-platform GUI framework. FireMonkey, aka KsDev VgScene/DXScene is a vector based GUI framework. So it looks after two attempts failed to build a cross platform library first on Qt (CLX) then on .Net (VCL.Net) Embarcadero selected the Java Swing approach and decided to develop its own proprietary GUI framework. It's a dangerous approach, for several reasons.