Delphi the cash cow: no milk enough for Mr. Nielsen

Posted on: Sat, 08/18/2007 - 00:30 By: Administrator

Marco Cantù posted an open letter to Borland CEO Tod Nielsen after he blamed CodeGear for earning just $1.3 millions in the second quarter, and therefore not helping enough to cover the $12 million loss of the "solid revenues" from the ALM business, now that ALM tools became the main company products and the "commodity" IDE business was spun off.

I can't agree more with Marco, and, as an humble programmer, I still wonder I can't understand why a smaller, profitable business is worse than a larger one that keeps on losing millions per month. That's probably the reason I am not rich <g>.

Todd Nielsen buys Borland shares

To those thinking that executives buying company shares are good news: it can be bad news also. Sometimes they do it to show the company is going well when it is not true, probably. I've worked for a company - TC Sistema, where the then CEO, Massimo Bramati - an executive coming from IBM Italia - bought shares just a few months before the company went bankrupt, and he was hired because the situation was difficult. He just went back to IBM with some worthless paper, that's true - but his income didn't suffer much, I guess.