Codegear the never ending sale (

CodeGear CEO Jim Douglas has answered Marco Cantù regarding his open letter to Todd Nielsen. What Marco disclosed is available here (

As usual, "The rationale behind those comments relates with shareholder expectations." Which means that shareholders hoped to get more money, even if it means to kill the milk cow or buy some subprime mortgages <G> 

Of course, management told them the the losing business, ALM, "will drive the business and support their expectations for growth". Good luck. Sometimes shareholders instead oj just reading the quartely result and complain because at the line earnings (loss) per share there is not the number they expected, should start asking management why the products don't sell enough and their market has shrunk.

There is also partially good news: "selling the company is still the plan of record and consistent with the strategic needs of both organizations". Well, I agree that it will make shareholders happy (more milk they could invest in the next subprime thing), and will let Codegear free if the right buyer could be found, but right now it will just spread more doubts about Codegear future. Trying to sell something for years without finding a buyer is not good marketing...

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