MSDN documentation "dropped" support for no longer supported Windows versions (

The latest release of MSDN online no longer lists unsupported operating systems in the "Requirements" section, "Minimum supported client" (or server). Now the "minimums" are XP and 2003. 2000, NT and 9x are gone, even if that API is supported by those versions. If someone needs to write software for those systems and needs to know which supports what, it's better he keeps an older MSDN help file around.

And there are some funny changes (highlighting is mine):

MapViewOfFile function (

Applies to: desktop apps only

Maps a view of a file mapping into the address space of a calling Windows Store app.

"Windows store app" is the new (ugly) name for the apps formerly known as "Metro". Even those updating MSDN are being fooled by Windows 8 mess smiley

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