Embarcadero and IT security, still an oxymoron (https://www.sandon.it/node/80)

If you try to post a comment to Jim McKeeth The Podcast at Delphi.org  blog while you're behind a company proxy, you get this error:

Your comment has been blocked because the blog owner has set their spam filter to not allow comments from users behind proxies.

It's really a stupid idea to block comments from users behind proxies, because any sensible company will not allow users to access the Internet but through a proxy/firewall (to block dangerous/unwanted contents, cache often accessed sites, etc.), and even advanced users may employ the same at home too - you can setup a working proxy even on a Raspberry Pi.

Jim McKeeth is now Lead Developer Evangelist at Embarcadero Technologies. Besides the strange habit of many new Delphi employees of using their own personal blogs to deliver company news intead of the company web site, I'm surprised a Lead Developer Evangelist is so naive about IT security and its actual best practices, thinks Delphi developers are still only hobbyists working from home, and - worse - thinks proxies are nasty software to hide users and not good ones to protect networks.

There is a dangerous mindset at Embarcadero, and it is the lack of understanding of real software needs but small ones. It is unable to deliver a real solution to developers needs because it is unable to think about them the right way. It would need someone who has a far broader experience about real developers needs, but as long as the development sites are Alicante or Iasi, they are not the right places to invite such kind of people.

Source URL: https://www.sandon.it/node/80