Modernize you Delphi Windows application, the real way :)

Posted on: Fri, 05/16/2014 - 16:30 By: ldsandon

With the demise of XP - and next year Windows 2003 Server will follow - it is time to really think about modernizing the design and implementation of your applications, and especially write the new ones from start as real Windows Vista+ applications - you can maybe also skip Vista ;) To modernize your application, you don't need to buy Delphi XE6 as Embarcadero tries to make you think you should. Modernizing applications has nothing to do with a "modern UI" skin, or a couple of new UI controls, especially if most of the code is still "Windows XP bound" (or worse, there are pieces never updated since NT4!) and don't play well with nor take advantage of new features introduced from Vista onwards.

I hope I will be able - it takes time :) - to write a series of post illustrating how to make your Delphi applications behave correctly under the latest Windows OS, take advantage of new, often powerful features, and offer your customers and end users a truly modern and rewarding "user experience". Even if you didn't update to XE6 ;) The fist post is about handling elevation correctly under UAC, because one of the worst issues, under many perspectives, and especially the security ones, is applications that won't run unless the user has "Administrator" privileges, even if those privileges are required in a very few situations, and most users can work without.