Laughable 64KB (!) limit in Delphi RTTI

Posted on: Thu, 01/15/2015 - 17:40 By: ldsandon

Today a colleague of mine was trying to import VMWare 5.5 WSDL into Delphi. When he tried to compile the application, it got:

[DCC Error] vimService.pas(60427): E2575 RTTI for 'VimPortType' is too large; reduce scope with $RTTI or
reduce type size

Delphi Doc Wiki says (XE7 too):

This occurs when the generated RTTI is too large (greater than 64kB).

Of course, I can't easily split the interface because it's a VMWare one that is tested againts Java and C# without issues. Of course Delphi chokes on anything post 1995 circa because developers working there think that "64KB are enough for everyybody"

And they are so bold to ask me why I didn't upgrade Delphi.... when Embarcadero will start to get rid of all the developers working there who still think it's Windows 3.1 time and systems are 16 bit and only have 640KB of memory?

It looks we're going to develop this in something else than Delphi - another Delphi application hits the dust...