• Scheduling firewall rules on DrayTek Vigor 165

    One interesting feature of the DrayTek Vigor 165 is the ability to schedule firewall rules, rules can be enabled and disabled using the router’s scheduler. For examples some clients can be forbidden Internet access at a given time. Combined with other type of filters, like URL filters, it can also be used to let users […]

  • StatProcessor for DrayTek, fix for 35b profiles

    Prior to version 1.14, data for 35b and other profiles are not shown correctly because of the way DrayTek packs data into the HLog/QLN/SNR structures returned by telnet commands – upstream and downstream data may use different “group size” – how many point are coalesced into a single entry. Don’t know if they average the […]

  • DrayTek Vigor 165 firewall setup

    How to configure DrayTek Vigor 165 firewall with strict security and separate filters for inbound and outbound traffic.

  • Moving to WordPress.

    I’m moving this site to WordPress because Drupal became too messy to administer in some spare time. The fact the database in Drupal 8 became just a storage for application-produced “BLOBs” was the nail in the coffin. Any mis-configuration required too much time to fix, while modules often couldn’t keep pace with the new faster […]

  • Draytek Stat Processor

    DrayTek routers have some advanced configuration capabilities, but their web UI is not one of the best ones around. Especially, it doesn’t display many useful data about VDSL connections which are actually available, but only accessible via telnet/ssh. Moreover they are displayed in a text format only, which makes some of them not very useful. […]