• VoIP behind NAT

    More and more phone lines are being switched to VoIP, especially where FTTH is being deployed. When using the ISP modem/router it usually performs the ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) role too, and it is already configured for VoIP – just plug the telephone in one of its PHONE/TEL ports (technically – FXS ports), or connect […]

  • Use Ventoy to install TrueNAS when BIOS can’t boot from GPT partitions

    Latest version of TrueNAS Core ISO files, after being been “burned” on a USB disk for setup, won’t boot on older motherboards with older BIOS predating UEFI. This is a bit strange since once installed TrueNAS can boot, and the installer will ask you nicely if you wish to boot the OS from UEFI or […]

  • Scheduling firewall rules on DrayTek Vigor 165

    One interesting feature of the DrayTek Vigor 165 is the ability to schedule firewall rules, rules can be enabled and disabled using the router’s scheduler. For examples some clients can be forbidden Internet access at a given time. Combined with other types of filters, like URL filters, it can also be used to let users […]

  • StatProcessor for DrayTek, fix for 35b profiles

    Prior to version 1.14, data for 35b and other profiles are not shown correctly because of the way DrayTek packs data into the HLog/QLN/SNR structures returned by telnet commands – upstream and downstream data may use different “group size” – how many point are coalesced into a single entry. Don’t know if they average the […]

  • DrayTek Vigor 165 firewall setup

    How to configure DrayTek Vigor 165 firewall with strict security and separate filters for inbound and outbound traffic.