• Moving to WordPress.

    I’m moving this site to WordPress because Drupal became too messy to administer in some spare time. The fact the database in Drupal 8 became just a storage for application-produced “BLOBs” was the nail in the coffin. Any mis-configuration required too much time to fix, while modules often couldn’t keep pace with the new faster […]

  • Draytek Stat Processor

    DrayTek routers have some advanced configuration capabilities, but their web UI is not one of the best ones around. Especially, it doesn’t display many useful data about VDSL connections which are actually available, but only accessible via telnet/ssh. Moreover they are displayed in a text format only, which makes some of them not very useful. […]

  • DrayTek Vigor 165 QoS setup

    ​ It looks the DrayTek Vigor 165 xDSL modem/router supports some QoS features, despite the fact the datasheet does not mention them. They are available from the CLI, and partially in the web UI via a bug in the firewall filter setup page. The CLI gives access to the qos setup, qos class and qos […]

  • Configurazione ATA Cisco SPA 112 con VoIP WindTre

    This post is in Italian because moslty useful for Italian readers only. Mi è capitato di dover configurare recentemente un ATA Cisco SPA 112 (uscito di produzione pochi mesi fa) per funzionare con il VoIP di WindTre. WindTre è molto parca di informazioni quando si richiedono le configurazioni VoIP per utilizzare un modem non WindTre, […]

  • Why a “case of” statement in Delphi is a dangerous idea

    Over and over, people ask the case .. of statement to be expanded to allow strings, i.e. Looks nice, doesn’t it? Sure, but the devil is in the details. Strings are complex data types, and comparing strings is not a straightforward tasks. If you use just a single, simple encoding, and a simple language like […]