StatProcessor for DrayTek, fix for 35b profiles

Prior to version 1.14, data for 35b and other profiles are not shown correctly because of the way DrayTek packs data into the HLog/QLN/SNR structures returned by telnet commands – upstream and downstream data may use different “group size” – how many point are coalesced into a single entry. Don’t know if they average the values or apply some other kind of algorithm.

35b HLog loaded from file

This version fixes this, and attempts to read data for other VDSL profiles as well, although I have no connections with 8(a,b,c,d), 12(a,b) or 30a profiles to test. If someone could supply these data, they’re welcome.

SNR data from from vdsl showbins are now shown separately because they are still packed in the first 512 values only, and no group size information is returned in the command output.

Data for HLog, QLN, SNR and Bins charts now can be loaded directly from files. Bins data need to be in the same file, downstream data must be before upstream ones, and DOWNSTREAM/UPSTREAM headers have to be present.

This version also no longer requires to set the VDSL profile manually, it is read from the vdsl status command. Configuration and data files use a new internal structure. Older files can still be read, but older versions will be unable to read files created by this version.

Download it from here.