Why learning the sysadmin job may make you a better developer

Posted on: Thu, 08/22/2013 - 00:08 By: ldsandon

Many developers learnt first to code on isolated machines - DOS ones if they are old enough - or within simple networks. DOS was a single process, single thread environment, almost always on isolated machines. Maybe a modem to connect to a BBS, LAN were much rarer. That meant developers had little to care about "the environment" their application where "living in". Once the application was started, it was the only one running (but some tricks like TSR) and could use all the resources available. Slowly, the environment changed.

MSDN documentation "dropped" support for no longer supported Windows versions

Posted on: Thu, 09/20/2012 - 17:46 By: ldsandon

The latest release of MSDN online no longer lists unsupported operating systems in the "Requirements" section, "Minimum supported client" (or server). Now the "minimums" are XP and 2003. 2000, NT and 9x are gone, even if that API is supported by those versions. If someone needs to write software for those systems and needs to know which supports what, it's better he keeps an older MSDN help file around.

And there are some funny changes (highlighting is mine):

Message Compiler Editor 3.0 Beta released

Posted on: Sun, 11/27/2011 - 23:10 By: ldsandon

The first beta release of Message Compiler Editor 3 is available here. The main new feature is the support of Unicode message files (version 2.x was still compiled with Delphi 2007). Importing already existing message files is planned for this release but not available yet due to some bugs still needing to be fixed in the parser.

Is the PC dead? No. But someone would like to murder it.

Posted on: Fri, 08/19/2011 - 14:29 By: ldsandon

Many "news" about the imminent death of PC are appearing around despite its 30th birthday, replaced by smartphones and tablets. What's true in that? Let's look for a moment at the past history, and the personal computer revolutions. Before that there was centralized systems from which you could rent some processing time and highly proprietary systems using software paid yearly  (clouds, anyone?), and consumer electronics were made by highly specialized devices that could usually only consume proprietary contents.

FireMonkey, or another failure monkey?

Posted on: Fri, 08/05/2011 - 15:33 By: ldsandon

It's now confirmed and made public that FireMonkey (let aside its ill-fated name, for now) will be the Delphi cross-platform GUI framework. FireMonkey, aka KsDev VgScene/DXScene is a vector based GUI framework. So it looks after two attempts failed to build a cross platform library first on Qt (CLX) then on .Net (VCL.Net) Embarcadero selected the Java Swing approach and decided to develop its own proprietary GUI framework. It's a dangerous approach, for several reasons.

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