Draytek Stat Processor

DrayTek routers have some advanced configuration capabilities, but their web UI is not one of the best ones around. Especially, it doesn’t display many useful data about VDSL connections which are actually available, but only accessible via telnet/ssh. Moreover they are displayed in a text format only, which makes some of them not very useful.

This utility allows to read those information through a telnet connection to the router, and display some of them (HLog, QLN, SNR, bitloading) in a graphical format.

Main window

The utility reads available status textual data and display them in the Router tab. HLog, QLN and SNR data are read and processed to be displayed as graphs. Raw textual data can be displayed still clicking the “Show raw data” button. Note that data returned by the router have a 1dB resolution and are aggregated into “bins” of 8 tones each. Thereby the graph is jagged.

HLog graph

The router also returns some more granular data from the “showbins” command. This command returns a larger dataset where data are present for each single tone. Unluckily, only the bitloading (number of bits allocated for each tone) looks correct. The SNR data are present only in the first 512 bins and are identical to those returned by the “status snr” command. Gain data are hard to understand, they have only a handful of discrete data, and I wonder if they have any real meaning.

Bit per tones

Reading “showbins” data takes more time, thereby retrieving this data is optional. SNR data from “showbins” can be plotted using only the first valid 512 entries, setting the related checkbox. I don’t know if this is a bug that will be fixed in a new firmware.

If the router name has been changed, it will appear in the telnet prompt. Because processing telnet data requires to identify when a prompt is shown, is you’re using a custom data you will have to change the Router name setting to match it, or the utility is unable to retrieve data.

The utility can be downloaded here. Any bug/suggestion can be sent using the contact form. This application has been tested using a Vigor 165 model running firmware 4.1.1/4.2.3. It could work with other models and firmware, but I can’t guarantee it. Use this software at your own risk, I’m non liable for any damage, interruption of service, etc. etc.

The source code is not published yet. It may be when some non-free code will be removed.

See the changelog for latest features and fixes.